Binge Drinking: Good Or Bad?

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Beer has been viewed as the devil's brew for a long time by prohibitionists and other conservative groups. However, beer isn't the culprit; it's certain people that have given it a bad rap. When its used in controlled, social settings, It is really nothing more than a refreshing treat.

There is a rich history surrounding beer which incidentally has been around nearly as long as history itself. Prehistoric man is thought to have created beer before learning that grain could be used to create the dietary staple we call bread. Noah stocked it on his ark and ancient Babylonian clay tables revealed beer recipes that date as far back as 4300 BC.

Beer has clearly been an important factor in a variety of social gatherings. It has always been a staple at card games, sporting arenas, and dart matches. Of course, problems might arise when beer drinkers overindulge, drink privately, or try to drink their troubles away. Of course, binge drinking of any kind tends
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When beer is poured into a stein or glass the aromas of the beer are released, allowing the drinker to enjoy more than just the taste of the beer. Pouring the beer into a glass allow a head to form, another important element for beer connoisseurs. Just like wine or spirits, specific glasses are used for different kinds of beer. Many beer brewers make glassware that's intended for use only with their particular brand of beer.

There are a number of different factors that determine the ideal temperature for beer. Many experienced beer drinkers believe that the flavor is enhanced when the temperature is warmer and colder temperatures inhibit the senses of the throat and tongue. Colder temperatures weaken any subtle nuances and destroy the main flavor. However, people that work and play hard expect their beer to ice cold. Many Irish beer drinkers will only drink a pint of Irish Guinness at room
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