Binge Drinking in Colleges and Universities

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A recent event that showcases that binge drinking is still a problem for many college students at the University of Iowa is the story of one Iowa student during the 2013 football season. Samantha Goudie, who is a twenty-two year old University of Iowa student, was once known as ‘Vodka Samm’ not only around the Iowa City area but nationally. One day in a highly intoxicated state, she tried to jump onto the field during a regular home football game and after quickly being arrested was known around the nation as “The World’s Drunkest College Student.” She was cited for having a blood-alcohol level of .341 percent, which is more than four times the legal driving limit. This event just continued to help solidify the University of Iowa’s out of control party school reputation. However, it did bring light to the serious problem of the students binge drinking and its effects especially during home football games. In 2009, to try to reduce the amount of underage and binge drinking, Iowa City passed an ordinance that banned people under the age of twenty-one from being in the bars pass 10:00 PM. Since this ordinance was enacted there has been a drop in the number of citations for public intoxication, possession of alcohol for minors, and driving under the influence. (Hennigan) The ordinance has brought good change to the city, but many people argue that instead of actually changing the amount people drink it has only shifted where and how people drink alcohol. Since the ordinance
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