Binge Drinking on America’s Campuses Essay

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Binge drinking is rampant on today’s colleges and university campuses. Binge drinking is defined as, five or more drinks for a man at any one time, four or more drinks for a woman (Thompson, J.J. 63). A recent survey revealed that almost half of college students engage in binge drinking, and half of those who binge drink do so regularly (McCormick, John; Kalb, Claudia 89). It is not the half that drinks responsibly that needs programs targeting them; it is the other half of students that engage in binge drinking. This paper aims to discuss both the scope of binge drinking on the campuses of America’s colleges and universities and techniques used to combat it.

At the same time America has managed to keep the same percentage of its
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6). The statistics are alarming, yet most students still are not listening. In addition, A higher percentage of binge drinkers than non-binge drinkers reported having experienced alcohol-related problems since the beginning of the school year. Frequent binge drinkers were 22 times more likely than non-binge drinkers to have:

Ҽ Missed Class

º Fallen Behind in School Work

º Engaged in Unplanned Sexual Activity

º Not Used Protection When Having Sex

º Damaged Property

º Gotten in Trouble With Campus Police

º Been Hurt or Injured

º Driven a Car After Drinking

º Used Other Drugs

(Booze News pars. 1-15).”

In addition, 90% of all violence on college campuses is alcohol related, 80% of all males who commit date rape on college campuses are drunk or have been drinking, 55% of all victims of college date rape/rape are drunk or have been drinking, 55% of all successful suicides on college campuses begin with a drink, and the number one cause of death for all males from the ages of 16 to 25 are all alcohol related incidents (Booze News pars. 1-15).

This is clear and disgusting evidence of both
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