Binge Eating Disorder Research Paper

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Binge Eating Disorder is known as eating too much or consuming major amounts of food and not being able to stop or feeling out of control. Binge eating is comforting for a brief moment, but then the feeling of guilt and self-loathing flood in. Generally, it takes a combination of things to develop a binge eating disorder. It usually begins in late adolescence or early adulthood, and it often occurs more in women than in men. People who have binge eating disorder usually have trouble handling their emotions and often feel out of control in their everyday life. Binge eating disorders often stem in people who are overweight, but it can occur in people of normal weight also. Although many people know that binge eating disorder is caused by psychological issues, they often do not know that it is also caused by behavioral and environmental issues as well.

Psychological symptoms of binge eating disorders are
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Social media and television have the biggest effect on the environmental side of binge eating because they both have such an unrealistic view of what beauty is. Social media and television in today's society makes people believe that skinny is beautiful, therefore people will do whatever it takes including binge eating just to be skinny instead of being healthy. Also bullying and body-shaming have a big effect on the environmental side of binge eating. Childhood abuse and trauma also has a big impact on binge eating because kids who are abused or witness tragedies at such a young age usually do not know how to cope with it, and not knowing how to cope with things in life can cause stress, therefore binge eating. Bullying and body-shaming is also important because they can cause people to go into depression, which leads to self-esteem issues and also binge
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