Binge Eating Research Papers

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The indescribable feeling of an empty void, a bottomless pit that never seem to fill, the constant grim reminder of your unhappy and unresolved feelings. The pain relief is only temporary and afterwards it sends you into a swirling guilt trip. But those moments without pain is all you need, it's those few precious moments where you forget and can enjoy yourself being happy again. Binge eating is a prevalent problem currently affecting much of our society and is deeply rooted which psychological aspect like depression. Eating disorders are classified as severe mental illnesses that alters your cognitive and emotional thinking, thus, forcing harmful eating habits such as overeating, according to WebMD. The binge eating disorder, also referred to as BED, is characterized as compulsive overeating in which people consume large amounts of food within a two hour time span. The calories intake during one of these binge…show more content…
Research has shown that binge eaters suffer from high bouts of depression and/or anxiety. These individuals also tend to have low self-esteem, as well as body-esteem, which is one's self esteem toward their body image. For this reason, binge eating is most prominent with adolescents between that age group of 12-17, the ages when they are most susceptible to emotional changes brought on by puberty. Individuals with BED use food as a coping mechanism to deal with difficult or uncomfortable emotions. Food becomes their source of comfort and soothing. Most people with serious binge eating disorder present with symptoms such as eating until uncomfortably full, eating much more rapidly than usual, eating large amounts of food, even when you aren't physically hungry. However, the feeling of guilt is brought upon them because of this lack of control over their actions. Despite this feeling of guilt, only 43 % of binge eaters end up opting for treatment of their serious
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