Bingo And The Game Of Bingo

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History of Bingo The first bingo games dates back to Italy in 1530. It originated as a game of "lottery" called, "The Lottery Giuco". When Italy was unified in 1530, the Italian National Lottery Bingo EL Giuoco the Lottery d'Italia was organized, and has remained, almost without rest, to date. Today the Italian State lottery is indispensable to the government budget, with an annual contribution of over 75 million dollars. A couple hundred years later, this type of lottery immigrated to France in 1700 and took the form of Bingo we know today. Actually, the French were the first to play Bingo cards, chips and sing aloud the numbers. Throughout the 1800s Bingo spread quickly throughout Europe. In the 1800s educational Bingo games became popular.…show more content…
Currently, with the progressive, albeit slow entry of new types of games, the cards are also virtual, as in the online bingo, there are even communities that already allow the own manufacturing facilities cartons. How to play Bingo. In the game of bingo, each player is given at least one carton. You can buy several. In the American Bingo each card is printed with a 5x5 grid containing letters and numbers. The letters BINGO are written on top of the cardboard. Under each letter is a series of numbers. American Bingo carton has 75 numbers. Cartons British and Australian Bingo have 90. These random numbers are printed on each card. When a number is announced, the owner of cardboard checks to see if it appears headings. If it does, he or she marked. If your cards contain the winning pattern the landlord wins the prize. All numbers are announced randomly by the caller or by the software of Bingo (when playing online). When a person completes the winning pattern or BINGO, the game ends. It is possible that one or more people win multiple times on the same board and in the same
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