Bio 100 Appendix E Essay

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Axia College Material Appendix E Pearson Lab Scavenger Hunt In Week Three through Week Eight, you conduct scientific experiments in an online lab environment. The content of the labs vary with each week but the structure remains the same. This week, review your Week Three lab instructions and assignment to become acquainted with the essential elements of each lab. You are not required to complete the actual lab this week, but rather to locate various pieces of information about the labs to help prepare for completion of the labs in Week Three through Week Eight. Each week you are provided with two appendix documents to complete the lab. One appendix contains all assignment instructions. The other appendix is a lab report in which you…show more content…
• Calvin cycle The Calvin cycle is also known as the “dark reactions” or the “light independent reactions”. In the light reactions, energy from sunlight is captured, and stored in ATP and NADPH. These are then passed on to the Calvin cycle. Because the reactions of the Calvin cycle do not directly require light energy, these reactions are known as the dark reactions of photosynthesis. The primary purpose of the Calvin cycle is carbon fixation--the conversion of carbon dioxide into organic molecules such as carbohydrates (such as sugars). 4. What are two places where you can find help? • The “Help Page” link on the left side of the online LeafLab at The Help Page’s address is: • After you start the LeafLab (by starting the Start Lab button) there is a “Help” tab on the Infobar on the top of each page, with explanations and hints. Start the lab by clicking the Start Lab button. Answer the following questions by exploring the equipment, functions, and materials involved in the LeafLab: 5. What is the purpose of all the lab equipment used in LeafLab? To measure the rates of photosynthesis by measuring the change in CO2 levels in the air that is in the LeafLab chamber. 6. What are two leaves that you can study? Corn, Goldenrod
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