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Influencing Natural Selection

Influencing Natural Selection


Influencing Natural Selection
The purpose of this experiment is to test the hypothesis that small bird’s physical characteristics can greatly impact their species population growth over time. Using the Finch as a test subject for multiple trial runs on a simulated computer system we can alter the characteristics of the finch and run diagnostics for two completely different locations and set of experiments. This simultaneous testing and comparison will either prove or disprove the hypothesis that small bird’s physical characteristics can greatly impact their population growth. The base line for this comparison will be two islands
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The population of birds on the Darwin Island is going to be labeled as population A1 with respect to the Darwin Island being labeled as island A. The opposing island will be named island B and its population as B1.
Each islands inputs and or parameters will be documented and assessed to ensure they are both identical in size and vegetation sources. Island A Population A1 | Island B Population B1 | Beak size 14 mm | Beak size 11mm | Variance 1.00 | Variance 1.00 | Heritability 0.70 | Heritability 0.70 | Clutch size 10 eggs | Clutch size 10 eggs | Island size 1.0km | Island size 1.0km | Precipitation 20.0cm | Precipitation 20.0cm |

Each of these inputs is exactly the same except for the one physical characteristic of the finch: the beak. Each scenario will be run at the same time and show comparisons as to population growth and changes. The first run will be set at 100 years to revisit the information which is selected in the main menu prior to running the experiment. Not only is the information regarding each population’s beak size over time important but the population growth is what is needed for the hypothesis. After the first run is completed the inputs will be changed to reflect a 200 year period where population B1 with the
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