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BIO156 ­ Lab 2


Lab 2
Biological Molecules and pH

Introduction: Connecting Your Learning
Biological organisms, like all things, are made up of elements. These elements combine to form organic molecules that create the basis for life. The main elements found in biological organisms include carbon (C), hydrogen (H), phosphorus (P), nitrogen (N), and oxygen (O). This lab describes how these elements form some of the most important molecules in life: carbohydrates, proteins, and fats.

Resources and Assignments


Lesson 2 Lab 2

From the Lab Kit
7 test tubes
Benedict's solution
Biuret solution
15 micropipettes
10 pipettes
pH test strips
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2. Explain how the properties of the carbon atom contribute to its importance in forming a variety of different compounds.
3. State the name and structure of the functional group for each type of biologically important molecule.
4. Describe the test used to detect the presence of each type of biologically important molecule.



BIO156 ­ Lab 2

2. Using the atom and bond library below, construct the following molecule. It may be necessary to consult the textbook for the formula.
A. Glucose

Diagram the molecule for study purposes.

Biochemical Analysis Activity
*****Safety Note: Please remove the safety goggles and gloves from the lab kit and wear them for all of the remaining steps in this laboratory.*****
1. In preparation for performing the biological analysis tests, solutions of several food items presently in solid form in the lab kit or purchased separately for this laboratory must be prepared by following the steps below.
A. Take the samples from the lab kit. There should be four unknown samples.
B. Label four plastic cups with the numbers 1, 2, 3, and 4.
C. Pour about one quarter of the first unknown packet into the first cup and add enough distilled water to dissolve the sample (start with approximately 30 mL of water). D. Using a spoon, stir until the sample is dissolved. Not all solids will

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