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LAB 1 1. Describe the function of the following pieces of safety equipment and how each might be used: (10 points) a. Eye Wash (2 points) In the event of a chemical splash to the eyes, flood the eyes for at least 15-30 minutes with water. Flush from the eye outward. If you were not wearing proper eye wear, a chemical could splash into your eye and would make it necessary to use this. b. Fire Blanket (2 points) Used in order to put out a small fire. If a small area of the lab caught fire, a fire blanket could be used to put it out. c. Shower (2 points) Safety showers are designed to flood your body with water in the event of a fire or chemical spill. Stand under and activate the shower for at least 15-30 minutes. If a…show more content…
When this slide is done being used it should be discarded in the biological hazards materials container. 3. Metric Measurements: Perform each of the following conversions. (24 points) a. Given that one inch = 2.54 cm. State the student's height in inches and then convert to centimeters. (4 points) 66 inches. 167.64 cm. b. The width of a normal sheet of paper is 8.5 inches. Convert this length to kilometers. (4 points) 0.0002159 km. c. A lab exercise in BIO156 required 300 ml of water that was poured from a two-liter container. How many milliliters were left in the original container? (4 points) 1,700 ml. d. A typical can of soda is 355 ml. How many liters are there in this can of soda? (4 points) .355 liters. e. The weight of a small bag of sugar is 2.265 kg. The student is baking cakes for a college scholarship fundraiser. It takes 100 grams of sugar to make one small cake. How many cakes can be made from a single bag of sugar? (4 points) 22 cakes. f. The student is conducting a nutrition experiment using lab rats. One group (control group) is fed a normal diet, while the other group (experimental group) is fed a diet high in protein. There were 30 rats total used in the experiment. At the end of the experiment, the average mass (weight) of a rat in the control group was 60.4 g while the average mass (weight) of a rat in the experimental group was 0.0689 kg. What is the average difference in weight between the two groups in grams?
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