Bio 204 Basic Anatomy & Physiology Final Exam ( Fall 2016 ) Essay

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Bio 204 Basic Anatomy & Physiology Final Exam (Fall 2016) Please use your own words and give examples where necessary. 1. Define homeostasis, and state why it is a central concept for physiology. How does negative feedback differ from positive feedback? (5) Homeostasis is when the internal environment of the body remains relatively constant. It’s the body’s ability to maintain a stable internal environment that is relative to its surroundings. Negative feedback is when the receptor is triggered the body negates the original stimulus, trying to minimize change helps maintain homeostasis. Positive feedback is when the body produces extreme responses, when the body exaggerates the original response instead of opposing it, this does not help maintain homeostasis. 2. Identify the basic structures of the cell and explain the physiological role of the cell in the human body. Compare and contrast the erythrocyte, nerve cell, and sperm cell. With respect to our composite cell, how do they relate? (How are they similar? How are they different) (9) The cell consists of three main parts being the nucleus, cytoplasm, and the cell membrane. Within the cytoplasm there are specialized organelles that do special functions for the cell. Cells are the building blocks of plants and animals. Cells are the smallest units that perform all crucial physiological functions. The nerve cell detects changes in the internal and external environment. Sperm cells are specialized to deliver

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