Bio-Diesel from Algae: An Acceptable Answer to Our Prayers Essay

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Imagine a future in which you can fill your car with a liquid that has more mileage than gasoline and is just as biodegradable as sugar. This is the future of bio-diesel, and is well on its way to becoming the future we will live in. Bio-diesel has always been an area of study for researchers looking for renewable fuels, usually biodiesel is produced from plant waste, like corn husks, but recently it was discovered that bio-diesel could be produced with oils found in algae, which many people are considering to be our best option when it comes to alternative fuels.
This new-found source of bio-diesel is causing a lot of excitement in the scientific community not only because of how renewable it is but because of its easy integration into
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The only technical issue people may have with putting bio-diesel in their diesel engines is it can eat through older gaskets and tubing, and it solidifies at lower temperatures. The gaskets and tubing can be easily replaced with more resistant types, and there is still much research going into making insolated gas tanks that would stay warm enough to keep alternative fuels from solidifying.
Some other qualities of bio-diesel that make it easily intergraded into today’s fuel industry is its close energy equivalent to gasoline and its matter form. Bio-diesel being a liquid makes it easy to integrate into today’s large fuel enterprise, because all gas stations can be easily converted to bio-diesel stations by simply filling them up with bio-diesel instead of gas. Another issue is volume, some alternative fuels have very little energy in them per gallon compared to gasoline, meaning gas tanks would need to be much larger, but bio-diesel contains more energy per gallon than gasoline, resulting in no fuel tank expanding necessities. This is especially good news for vehicles like airplanes that require vast amounts of fuel to travel around. If you were to put ethanol in an airplane it would need to be completely re-fueled in air during a 5 hour flight. All in all switching the world from gasoline to bio-diesel as opposed to another alternative fuel saves a lot of money and resources, and can even help make more money.
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