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Final Report Part 1 – Outline
Directions: For Part 1, you are required to write a complete introductory paragraph using the outline below. For the second, third, and fourth paragraphs, you need to write complete sentences that show the basic outline for the essay. By completing this outline, you will have a guide to refer to when finalizing your report in Parts 2-4.
Introductory Paragraph (Identify the thesis statement and write a complete paragraph explaining the topic in general.)
Thesis Sentence: By using non-renewable resources mankind is putting a strain on the earth and causing global warming. Paragraph: Do you know the difference between a non- renewable resource and a renewable resource? A non- renewable resource is a
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If the consumption continues at the current rate it is being consumed now it could be sooner like ten to fifthteen years. (Non Renewable Resources, 2015)

Paragraph 3: Opposition (To present a fair argument you need to research and outline some of the common positions that dispute your position (i.e. if you are for chocolate for your position, here you would be writing why chocolate is bad). Write a topic sentence that supports your thesis and provides a transition between the paragraphs. Then, record at least three details that provide support for the topic sentence.)
Topic Sentence: Renewable resources have advantages and well as disadvantages.
Detail A: When using renewable resources energy it is very difficult to generate large quantity of electricity or fossil fuel. If the earth were to constantly rely on renewable energy, humans would have to cut back on the amount of usage. Detail B: Many of the renewable resources rely on the weather to make power. Solars need clear skies and no rain to collect heat. In order to have a constant water supply an entire dam would have to be filled. Wind turbines need the wind to constantly to keep moving. Detail C: The weather can be very unpredictable and inconsistent, if there is no wind, sun, or rain for a extended amount of days it would be impossible to make the resources needed that are currently being using in such large consumption. Paragraph 4: Rebuttal (In the final

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