Bio Inspired Machine Learning Based Wireless

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Bio-Inspired Machine Learning Based Wireless
Sensor Network Security

It is interesting that the biologically inspired approaches to network security because of their similarities between network security and human body resistant to pathogenic attacks. Wireless sensor network is based on low cost and low energy sensor nodes which are connected to physical signals. Such networks are made up of sensors and gateways the data to the end user. This paper used the wireless sensor network nodes and machine learning techniques to distinguish between fake and genuine nodes then desired the inspiration from the human immune system to prevent the role of virtual anti-bodies in system to avoid the fake nodes.
Study of nature encompasses the study of living bodies which respire, grow, consume energy and evolve. This study explains us how everything is structured to be hierarchical, adaptive and synchronized in space and time. For instance, plants and trees perform photosynthesis for their survival while bees search for nectar as their intake and the pattern of sun rise and sun set is in a specific way. A biologically inspired system explains a strong relationship between biology and computer system.
Now a days there has been a shift in the computer networks, from centralized system to distributed and organized system. Because of this, these systems can adapt to the changing world. There are some other challenges in addition to this. Today 's systems are
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