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Bio: Martin Wittfooth Martin Wittfooth born in 1981 in Toronto, Canada. Although he spent most of his childhood in Finland before moving back to Canada as a teenager and later in his mid-twenties moving to New York. In a recent, WOWxWOW, interview Martin expresses that he drew his inspiration for his artistic style from Northern European like Arnold Bocklin and Akseli Gallen-kallela, Anders Zorn, and Jon Bauer. Furthermore, he attended Sherdian College for his BAA and his MFA in York School of Visual Art. The dystopian and post-human themes are majorly present in Wittfooth work; While, marrying the realistic aspect of animals and nature. Wittfooth’s work invoke a deep regret for the contemporary relation of humans with nature. Yet, proposing a hopeful outlook with recent pieces that have a great feeling of renaissance toward the old ways of Shamanism. All in all, Wittfooth’s art entices the viewer to evaluate where they stand on the positive or negative impact on nature and how to reconciled the bond long lost between humans and Nature. THE INCANTATION Standing at 75”x69”, the oil and gold leaf on canvas painting makes a huge impact on any gallery it resides leaving viewers both amazed and confused. At first glance the painting presents just an elephant head atop a bouquet of flowers; which, while elegantly painted leaves one with no sense of what he artist is trying to bring across. The painting has unusual lighting which resemble the baroque style; also, it is structure

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