Bio-Psychosocial Assessment

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Most importantly, this patient has worked with me for a period of one year from January 2010; therefore I have been seeing her every week for about fifteen minutes. The patient was given to me by one psychiatrist who came across her at event where the housing project was being commissioned to support Veterans. By that time ,the patient was suffering from Anxiety Disorder NOS and Depression NOS.
When looking at initial assessment of the patient's history, I was not able to get hold of her psychiatrist who could provide more details of what the patient has undergoing and give proper justification of what she was diagnosed with instead of PTSD. However, the assessment discovered that the main symptoms of persistent intrusive ideas of abuse, indifference, isolation, increased anger, lack of sleep and poor hyper-vigilance. The patient's general mood which was recorded earlier before the initial assessment indicated a lot of hopes about the future (patient is optimistic). In addition, the mental assessment which was being conducted for her as initial part of case management at HUD-VASH, she wanted more treatment to be offered to her even after the end of the first assessment process. During the first psychiatric…
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