Bio-diesel: Alternative Fuel Source Essay

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Bio-diesel: Alternative Fuel Source


Currently today more than 99% of all fuel consumed is petroleum (3). In the year 2025 the world’s reserves of petroleum will be a dry source (7). Other than the shortage of petroleum, the burning of petroleum also causes many problems such as global warming. In this case, engineers and scientists need to come up with an alternative energy source for gasoline not only because of the shortage, but because of the environmental problems gasoline and other fossil fuels cause for the environment. Out of all forms of alternative fuels for vehicles bio-diesel seems to be the next alternative source of fuel, but more research needs to prove this assumption.

In this report bio-diesel
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The properties of this bio-diesel are also very similar to our current fossil fuel diesel. The bio-diesel can almost go directly into our current fossil diesel engines. This diesel can also mix with the current fossil diesel to run the current engines. Also when comparing the bio-diesel with the fossil diesel it is found that the bio-diesel has a lower energy content, but it has a higher fuel density and better ignition quality because of its higher cetane number (2).

Another thing that researches have tried to compare is how toxic bio-diesel is to the environment. Researches have found that bio-diesel is great because it can biologically degrade. This then makes spills and leaks less of a hazardous concern when comparing it to our current fuel sources (5).

Study comparing fuels used in a Locomotive

A recent study done by Southwest Research Institute (SWRI) at the Locomotive Exhaust Emissions Test Center in San Antonio Texas looked at the CSX No. 2629, a model GP38-2 Locomotive (4). This research was done to compare different types of fuels with the two different engines, and to test the four fuels for the HC, CO, NOx, and PM values. Each of the studies was done three times and then the average value of these experiments was compared. The reason for this study was to compare the bio-diesel with other types of fuel, along with

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