BioServer Systems Selection Process Essay

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BioServer Systems Selection Process
BioServer Systems (BSS) provides secure web server space to its clients. The company is young but has grown exponentially thanks to its groundbreaking encryption technology that is sought after by many businesses including luring some government clients. Stanley Jausneister owns the company and was able to capitalize on his network of pharmaceutical contacts he amassed from his former career in that industry. A longtime client has recently had to fire one of its employees for attempting to sell pharmaceutical cultures to someone overseas. The client realized that they not only had problems with their background checks but contacted Stanley to see if BSS was indeed conducting background checks that were
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Both addendums should have the applicant’s signature. An applicant will be given the opportunity to explain any adverse credit information so that BSS can determine if an applicant is a credit risk. An adverse credit report could reveal an applicant’s likelihood of selling information for money. Any adverse criminal arrests should be considered but not the sole decision. For example, since driving is not a part of most job descriptions at BSS, a DUI conviction would not stop an applicant from being hired, but if an applicant had a history of extortion or other “white collar” crimes then the applicant should not be hired. All aspects of the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) must be followed (Heneman & Judge, 2012, p. 406). To avoid litigation and to comply with the FCRA all applicants should be given a “Summary of Your Rights under the Fair Credit Reporting Act” written by the Federal Trade Commission (Rosen, 2008, para. 23). To further negate possible security breaches, in addition to criminal and credit checks, BSS should also verify any reported degrees or certifications by requiring copies of transcripts or actual certifications to check credentials of applicants. By gleaning this information BSS would prevent possibly hiring the wrong candidate that would waste valuable

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