Biocentric Ethics Analysis Essay

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Biocentric Ethics Analysis
SCI/362 - Environmental Issues and Ethics
January 27, 2014
Howard Schmidt, M.S., M.B.A.
Biocentric Ethics Analysis
Inherent and intrinsic value both refer to the value that is within the item or organism, it has value in and of itself; the value within the item or organism is “independent of the interests, needs, or uses of anyone else” (DesJardins, 2013, p. 113). Inherent value refers to the value that is found or recognized within the item or organism; whether spiritual, moral, aesthetic, symbolic, or it is of cultural importance. An organism or an item that has inherent or intrinsic value offers something of value other than as an instrument; for example, relationships with friends and
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215). The positive aspects of GMOs is that it allows plants to be grown in environments that may not normally allow for the plant to grow. Food is less expensive as farming of the crop is easier; this beneficial on both a local and global scale. Furthermore, GMOs have been developed to add greater nutrition to the organism. The downside or concerns about GMOs is that there have been no studies that have tracked the long-term effects that GMOs may have on human consumption. Researchers concerns include health risks such as; antibiotic resistance, exposure to allergens, reproductive disorders, endocrine disruption, and accelerated aging. The FDS does not view or treat GMOs any differently than traditionally grown crops; companies that use GMOs may choose to voluntarily go there a safety consultation without any additional testing required (Kantor, 2013).
The scientists behind GMOs believe that it is important to provide “food security”. Food security is about having sufficient physical, social, and economic access to safe, nutritious, and culturally acceptable food at the household level, without having to resort to emergency supplies” (Witcombe and Sanchez, 2004, p. 300). In countries such parts of Eastern and Central Africa the African cassava mosaic virus is transmitted by the whiteflies that feed on the
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