Biochemical Causes Of Depression Research Paper

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There is no single cause for depression. Depression can be caused by one or more factors. Some people are more likely to have depression than others. There are different reasons that attempt to explain this predisposition: Inheritance: There is an increased risk of clinical depression when there is a family history of the disease, indicating they may have inherited a biological predisposition. This risk is somewhat higher for people with bipolar disorder. However, not all people who have a family history will have the disease. In addition, severe depression can also occur in people who have no family history of the disease. This suggests that there are additional factors that can cause depression, whether biochemical or environmental stressors, and other psychosocial factors.…show more content…
It is known, for example, that people with severe depression typically have imbalances of certain chemicals in the brain, known as neurotransmitters. In addition, sleep patterns, which are affected by the biochemistry of the body, are generally different in people with depressive disorders. Depression can be induced or alleviated with certain medications, and some hormones can alter moods. What is not yet known is whether the "biochemical imbalance" of depression are genetic or is caused by stress, trauma or by a physical illness or other environmental conditions. Stressful situations: Death of a close family member or friend, a chronic illness, interpersonal problems, financial difficulties, divorce can cause symptoms of depression sustained over time can trigger clinical
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