Biochemistry Task 4 Essay

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BIOCHEMISTRY TASK 4 Western Governors University September 14, 2015 Running head: BIOCHEMISTRY TASK 4 1 A1. Enzymes increase the rate of a chemical reaction without being altered in the process of the reaction (Hudon­Miller, 2013). Enzymes also lower activation energy without altering the chemical reaction or products (Hudon­Miller, 2013). A2. BIOCHEMISTRY TASK 4 2 A3. A4. Fructose metabolism has two steps different steps in the liver, the…show more content…
With depletion of phosphate glucokinase will stay in the cytoplasm and glycogenolysis and gluconeogenesis slow down in which release of glucose to the blood stream is also slowed down causing hypoglycemia (Sanders, 2013). BIOCHEMISTRY TASK 4 6 B1 and 1a. If the entire Cori cycle occurred in a muscle cell and remained in just that one cell it would not work since more ATP would be utilized within the cycle than that which is synthesized leading to a loss of ATP molecules (Hudon­Miller, 2013). In glycolysis part of cycle produces two ATP molecules at a cost of six ATP molecules consumed in the gluconeogenesis part (form of glucose from lactate) with each turn of the cycle must be maintained by a net consumption of four ATP molecules, this cycle in a single cell can not be sustained indefinitely (Interactive Concepts of Biochemistry). B2. BIOCHEMISTRY TASK 4 7 B3. If a defect of an enzyme occurred in the Citric Acid Cycle it comes to a stop (Sanders, 2014). This disruption whether it is caused by deficiences in physical stress,
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