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Essay #4 With the free reign you have given us on this paper, I have made the decision to look at the comparison of fossil fuels and other sources of energy that we use compared to the use and acquisition of bio fuels. I will explain, show and support the opinion of the comparison with biofuels being the more positive and safer choice. The different areas I will show this will be both economically and environmentally by far. There's no question relying on coal and oil for power is a bad for the environment. Both fuels release greenhouse gases when they are burned through cars and big trucks. Both are acquired through dangerous collection ways. And both are nonrenewable because it would take millions of years to generate more once we've…show more content…
I found this on on the informational portion of their website. I also found on there that biofuels act as carbon sinks while they grow which means that they capture carbon while they grow just like other plants obviously. So if you factor both the reduced emissions and the capturing of carbon dioxide, biofuel definitely shows that it is the smarter choice. Another benefit to biofuels is the reduced danger of environmental disasters happening. The legendary BP oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico was one of the worst we have ever seen. It basically destroyed that ecosystem with one swift mistake. It released millions of gallons of oil, causing an unknown amount of damage in the process. Biofuels are safer. The worst event I personally can see happening from growing these plants is maybe a field getting set on fire which is a much more containable and less harmful effect than destroying an ocean. So we should switch to biofuels now, even though it would require a large change and shift in farming. Energy consumption is at an all-time high from what the video was exhibiting. To meet the demand of energy that we have right now, we would have to devote more land to growing energy crops. But the overall outcome for the economy and the ecosystem that we live in, I believe that it’s a sacrifice that we can and need to make. Every aspect of our world will be improved. I loved the film and the information I have looked
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