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! BIODIESEL INCORPORATED (Case Study p565-569) Joshua Maxwell shut down his laptop and looked out the window. From the second floor of the Graduate School of Management’s new building, he could see a number of cars driving on the nearby freeway and sitting in the adjacent parking lot. Josh was in his last term of the full-time MBA program at UC Davis. He would soon be graduating and entering a new chapter of his life. While he had the luxury of having several management-level job offers from which to choose, he was unsure whether he wanted to follow such a traditional route. There was one opportunity in particular that had recently come across his path which gave him pause. Background The previous term, Josh had been enrolled in…show more content…
All of these functions essentially provide a substitute for human effort. Due to the widespread consumption of petrol-based liquid fuel, an incredibly large global infrastructure and set of surrounding institutions have grown around the support of such consumption. The petrochemical fuel industry manifests itself in the form of oil fields and reserves, pipelines, transport ships, and fueling stations. The way energy is used worldwide is not sustainable. It is well-documented that the use of these fuels is depleting the world’s natural resource reserves, harming communities in terms of health and displacement, and polluting the air and water in local environments. The drilling, refining, and transporting of oil leads to spills on land and in oceans, and when petrol-based fuels are used to power machines and automobiles, the air is polluted with greenhouse gases and particulate matter such as carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide, sulfur, and nitrous oxide emissions. In spite of the drawbacks, the current energy industry is committed to the continuation of these ways, primarily because of considerable assets and investment in the existing form of infrastructure. The challenge, which became clear to the team from class discussion and further brainstorming, is to find a form of fuel or technology that can mitigate the current negative affects on the environment of petrol-based fuel while utilizing the existing infrastructure. The urgency of this challenge is heightened by the

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