Biodiversity And Its Effects On Biodiversity

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Abstract. Biodiversity is a variety of life and it is important to maintain biodiversity because it provides everyone’s needs for food source, water source and shelter. Currently, Georgia Gwinnett College expanding with construction around the area, will this cause a disturbance where the campus will not be able to have biodiversity or having some disturbance can increase it? The research measured biodiversity in 5 different places around campus, these locations varying levels of disturbance and resources. After analysis, it was determined that sites further away from the stream at the downstream location had less biodiversity, and that the GGC site location had more biodiversity than both of the stream locations, which may be due to more diverse habitats with the location, or sharing more transition areas with areas of higher disturbance.

Introduction. Biodiversity is a variety of life on Earth at all levels from genes to ecosystems and the ecological and evolutionary process that is able to keep biodiversity in balance (Willington, 2005). Biodiversity is important because it satisfy’s everyone including animals, organisms and humans basic needs such as food and water source and as well shelter(Wood, 1997). The overall goal in biodiversity conservation is to create a foundation in developing ways to protect and use biological resources in a way where it does not destroy important habitats in an ecosystem (Nangendo, 2002). In ecology it has been taught that everything from…
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