Biodiversity And Its Effects On The Environment

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The sky is dyed red by the flames engulfing the forest. As water floods the land, what little is left is quickly washed away. Those that would normally resist such disasters are gone. There are much fewer species in our world than there was a long time ago because the world’s biodiversity is in a deplorable state. As more and more companies access and exploit natural resources at a rate which the land cannot compensate, more and more organisms are disappearing from the planet. Although some may believe that the companies actions have no effect on the environment, it cannot be denied that many species are endangered or already extinct because of their actions; companies indirectly and directly affect the biodiversity in the world. Biodiversity is the number of species of plants, animals, microorganism, and ecosystems in a given region. As all species are somehow related and codependent on one another, biodiversity plays an important role in the survival of many species. Each organism, no matter how small has an important part in natural sustainability, ecosystems, and species variety. Animals which live in the waters help to preserve water reservoirs and lakes, while trees help prevent soil erosion and recycles nutrient. Many organisms help break down the pollution that humans have spread. In the case of any natural disasters, they are able to compensate and quickly help the environment recover. When their natural habitats are removed though, they are forced into extinction

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