Biodiversity And Its Impact On Biodiversity

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Biodiversity is what makes the planet earth unique and different from every other planet in the solar system. Biodiversity can be studied on a global level all the way down to studying it within a microscopic ecosystem (National Wildlife Federation, 2015). It is important to understand that biodiversity can be looked at genetically as well as environmentally as well. For example, genetic biodiversity is seen in the variation of different breeds within the dog species, while environmental biodiversity is the diversity of ecosystems and habitats (National Wildlife Federation, 2015). Preserving biodiversity is perhaps the most important task that humans have to complete while living on this planet. The ecosystems that make up all of the regions worldwide are immensely complex, so conservation may be difficult at times. Additionally, many factors influence the species that inhabit ecosystems, and these factors may complicate the preservation of biodiversity. Moreover, there is a plethora of threats to biodiversity, both natural and manmade that are destroying ecosystems on a daily basis. Out of these threats, the human influences are particularly severe and must be taken care of at all costs. Biodiversity provides countless benefits for every ecosystem and creature, which is what makes it worthy of conservation. Through the introduction and relocation of species, some degree of restoration may be possible in the future. Biodiversity is an amazing natural process that makes life…
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