Biodiversity Is Essential For The Ecosystem

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Did you know that in thirty-two years the ocean is expected to be completely empty? In 2048 the whole ecosystem will be wiped out with no sign of life. This is incredibly alarming; the ocean is a huge resource for the world. Biodiversity is key to the survival of the ocean, however over the last few years the ocean has experienced an accelerating loss of species. Biodiversity is essential for the ecosystem, diversity of species enhance ecosystem productivity and stability. Marine ecosystems are a primary resource for increasing population it provides vital food resources and services. The most unique feature on earth is diversity over 1 million species live in our oceans Changes in biodiversity are directly caused by exploitation, global…show more content…
It’s important to know that things you do in your everyday life can be leading the empty ocean. Another Big issue is over fishing, if the loss of biodiversity continues we will be left with nothing. An interesting thing to consider is that oceans provide half of the oxygen we breath, more importantly they also absorb carbon dioxide and reduce climate change. Both oxygen and climate change are a huge issue that already has attention from things like pollution or deforestation adding the ocean will significantly make the problem worse. Consequently, the diversity in the ocean is essential us, it not only allows us to survive but also helps our economy. Although the problem of the depleting ocean may be due to boats or fisherman, the ocean is a necessity for many people, it provides their jobs and the money they make for a living. Tourism is also a big factor, many people travel to places just for the ocean, millions of people every year go on vacation just to see the ocean which provides a huge source of income for people who live in that region, when the oceans gone their resources and income could be scarce. Unsustainable fishing of wild fish effects the environment the fish need to thrive. Industrialized fishing has become more prominent through out the years, as population increases so does demand for food. It is reported that 29% of edible fish and seafood species have declined by 90% due to overfishing (worm Et Al.). it is an alarming situation due to the fact
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