Biodiversity Loss And Loss Of Habitat Loss

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Biodiversity Loss Did you know that in thirty-two years the ocean is expected to be completely empty? In 2048 the whole ecosystem will be wiped out with no sign of life. This is incredibly alarming; the ocean is a huge resource for the world. Biodiversity is key to the survival of the ocean, however over the last few years the ocean has experienced an accelerating loss of species. Biodiversity is essential to the ecosystem, diversity of species enhance ecosystem productivity and stability. Marine ecosystems are a primary resource for increasing population, it provides vital food resources and services. The most unique feature on earth is diversity over 1 million species live in our oceans Changes in biodiversity are directly caused by exploitation, global warming, pollution, and loss of habitat. It is important to not only consider the problem, but also the history on how we got into this current crisis and consider what is currently being done to stop the loss of biodiversity. The ocean is the home to millions of species, who thrive of the resources to live. If oceans are empty by 2048 there will be no resources for us to use, a majority of our seafood comes from the ocean. This is something that is not often talked about, you rarely hear things about this on the news, consequently many people have no idea that the ocean is slowly depleting and the resources we use will be scarce. Pollution, improper disposal, industrial fishing, and boating, play a huge role in the
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