Biodiversity Worsheet Bio 280 Essay

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Biodiversity Worksheet

In a total of 350 to 700 words, answer the following questions about diversity. Cite at least two references while answering the questions.

What is conservation biology? What is biodiversity?
Conservation biology is the study of environmental problems that are caused by human actions. This would be the scientific study of the Earth’s biodiversity with the whole purpose from being extinct. In this field it helps in putting together many theories from other fields such as ecology, demography, taxonomy and genetics. This would help in the understanding of the management of species in their ecosystems, breeding, genetic analysis and their resoration of their
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“Biological diversity is of fundamental importance to the functioning of all natural and human-engineered ecosystems, and by extension to the ecosystem services that nature provides free of charge to human society ”(Lloyd, 2014). Biodiversity is very important to both plants, animals and humans on Earth and if one species is destroyed it throw the balance off .
What is a species?
A species is certain kind of animal, plant, fungus or other organism. Which is a group of individual that are part of interbreed in nature, it is the largest gene pool under a natural condition. It is when a pair of organisms produce and offspring in nature and both parents need to belong to same species. This definition does not include many types of bacteria which are capable to asexual reproduction. Another difficult way of understanding would be like for example a cat species are capable of hybridizing such as a lion and a tiger who mate and produce a liger as well as a cross between a male jaguar and female lion which produce a jaglion. Species are formed through a process called speciation and this happens when lineage of single splits into to two or more separate species, this is how new species are created.
What is the difference between a threatened species, an endangered species, and an extinct species?

Provide at least one example each of a threatened, endangered, and extinct species, and explain why these

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