Biofuels : A Clean Alternative For Fossil Fuels?

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Biofuels: A clean alternative to fossil fuels? Biofuels, like fossil fuels are hydrocarbons made from a living or once lived organism that humans can use to power something and uses biological carbon fixation, a process that takes inorganic carbon and converts it into organic compounds (Wikipedia). However, unlike fossil fuels, which can take millions of years to form, biofuels are produced in a short period of time such as days, weeks, or months. Because humans have been burning fossil fuels for over a century and a half now, we’ve become very good at finding, extracting, and refining the crude product from which these fuels are made. In that time, much of our infrastructure has been designed to operate using fossil fuels. Fossil fuels have also been substantially beneficial as they have a very high energy density. Because they are also easily combustible, they carry large amounts of transportable energy in a small package, making fossil fuels very practical and the dominant energy source today. In addition, fossil fuels are abundantly available. While there is a finite supply, even with our current rate of consumption, we will not be running out of fossil fuels anytime soon. However, while the advantages of fossil fuels sound promising, they have gained a notorious reputation from their disadvantages. For example, according to the EPA, “the largest source of greenhouse gas emissions from human activities in the United States is from burning fossil fuels for…

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