Biofuels : For Better Or For Worse?

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Biofuels: For Better or For Worse?

There is no question that our world is changing, whether it be with technology, people, climate, or even the economy. With the constant hustle and bustle of our busy lives, we tend to overlook some issues that may not affect us now, but will eventually come back to haunt us. Instead of spending time worrying about our own selfish interests, maybe we should focus on more important issues at hand. Have you ever thought about how our extracurriculars or our beloved sports might impact our environment? One of the sports that comes to mind when I think of a sport that negatively impacts our environment is NASCAR. I think the racing industry should be forced to use biofuels.
The NASCAR industry goes through a significant amount of fuel each race weekend. In an article by Max Frankel, he discusses how “every sport is energy intensive” and NASCAR is no exception. When we think of the average gas mileage for the typical car, we find the averages tend to be between 22-27 MPG. In the racing industry, cars are averaging between 2-5 MPG (Frankel). Frankel uses some information he found from about how much fuel this industry can go through each weekend. “In a single typical NASCAR race weekend, with more than 40 cars at high speeds for 500 miles — plus practice laps — at 5 mpg of gas, you’re looking at, conservatively, about 6,000 gallons of fuel.” (Finney qtd. in Frankel) Now, what does this mean exactly? This means that throughout…
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