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CRUDE OIL CRISIS SAVIOUR .. By focusing our attention from digging for more fossil fuel resources, if we focus it on producing vegetable oil using the land resources, we will greatly reduce the demand for petroleum products. .. Our engine is extremely VERSATILE, being able to run on diesel, bio-diesels, vegetable oils with very little change in power and efficiency. This will diversify the kind of fuels that can run a diesel engine and reduce the dependence on fossil fuels. • ECO-FRIENDLY .. No additional Carbon Oxides are emitted into the atmosphere. .. This is because only carbon stored in the plants seeds are released back in the atmosphere as carbon oxides. • COST SAVINGS .. Waste Vegetable oils cost an average of…show more content…
2. Finding an Alternate Fuel 2.1 Foreword To find an alternate fuel for diesel engines, we first carried out chemical tests on the different fuels to ensure capability for combustion and fluidity in the engine. After that, engine testing was done to see the effects of the fuels on the engine. 2.2 Chemical Testing 2.2.1 Testing Higher Calorific Value Objective The objective is to determine the Higher (Gross) Calorific Value of a liquid fuel. H.C.V of a fuel is defined as the energy liberated per kg. of fuel burned and when the products of combustion are cooled to the original fuel temperature. Apparatus Used A Bomb Calorimeter Assembly is used to test for H.C.V. It consists of a calorimeter jacket with cover, an oval bucket, a calorimetric thermometer, an oxygen combustion bomb, an ignition unit and two support stands. The pictures of the apparatus used are shown below. Brief Summary of experiment A weighted sample of oil is burnt in oxygen under controlled conditions. The gross calorific value being calculated from the weight of the sample and the temperature rise of a known weight of water in which the bomb is submerged. Allowances are made for radiation losses. The heat supplied by the ignition wire and heat liberated due to the formation of sulphuric and nitric acids during combustion are neglected. However these heats should be considered when extreme accuracy is required. Copyright © Singapore Polytechnic. All rights

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