Biographical Information : Richard Trenton Chase

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Biographical Information Richard Trenton Chase carried the nickname The Vampire of Sacramento because of his obsession of drinking the blood of his victims as well as eating their internal organs. He did this due to his thoughts of needing to prevent the Nazis from turning his blood into poison. Born on May 23, 1950 into a strict household, he was often beaten by his father. When he reached his teen years he became an alcoholic and developed a liking for killing animals and fire starting. In high school, he had multiple girlfriends due to the fact that he couldn’t get aroused. He consulted a psychiatrist and was told that he had rage or mental illness and did not seek further treatment after the diagnosis. It wasn’t until later that he figured that he could only get an arousal by violent or disturbed acts such as killing animals. Before long, Richard’s father purchased him an apartment forcing him to move out after he began to accuse his mother that she wanted to poison him. In his new apartment he would capture kill and disembowel various animals which he would than devour raw. He would also put animals into a blender in order to make into a smoothie. He had in his mind, that these smoothies would be preventing his heart from shirking. In 1975, he was admitted into a hospital after injecting himself with rabbit blood that led to blood poisoning. He escaped the hospital and ran to his mother’s but was caught and was sent to an institution which he shared with the staff
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