Biographies And Biographies Of Biographies

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Biographies are life stories of individuals written by other people. There are several different kind of biography books. Historical biographies, authentic biographies, fictionalized biographies, biographical fiction, and autobiographies. Historical biographies cover people from the past. They provide accurate information about historical people. Authentic biographies are established by facts that can only be supported by evidence. It needs support such as historical documents or personal recollections. When most people think of authentic biographies they think of boring statistics, but in reality authentic biographies can be more than that. Fictionalized biographies are biographies who have some accuracy but also have a lot of fabricated wording. Such as the actual conversation said or ideas that the character thought in their story but most of the time the author has no actual idea what the person the biography is written about actually thought. Biographical fiction isn’t really a biography but merely fiction. They are for more entertainment purposes and don’t actually have much historical merit. Autobiographies is a book written about a person by that person. They can be entertaining and teach you some information but they are actually more informational because they rely on their recollection of events. Some of the best books ever written are biographies. Anne Frank: Life in Hiding by Johanna Hurwitz, Martin Luther King: The Peaceful Warrior by Ed Clayton, and…

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