Biography And Background Of Mary Shelley 's ' Frankenstein '

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Biography & Background
Author of Frankenstein, Mary Goodwin, was born in London, England in 1797. Poet Percy Shelley, her father 's philosophy student took Goodwin to London to travel around Europe with her younger sister Jane. In 1816 the group traveled to Switzerland with Lord Byron. One night a member of the group suggested a writing competition. Shelley had writer 's block for a time until she had a dream about the creation of a monster. Therefore, within the following days she began to write a story that would lead to her famous novel, Frankenstein. The group would often tell horror stories aloud at night-time. A horrid topic that the group discussed was Galvanism. The theory of Galvanism concludes that the human body can create
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At age twenty Melville was a cabin boy on a merchant ship. After a year he joined the Acushnet a whaling ship. He lands on the Marquesas Islands and captured by cannibals, but rescued by the Lucy Ann an Australian whaling ship. His experience in the next few years provided him the knowledge to write his own novels about whaling. Later joining the Charles and Henry another whaling ship because the Lucy Ann did not work out. While on the Charles and Henry he worked as harpooner. Melville was still not tired of the sea life, even after the Charles and Henry landed. In approximately 1844, Melville returned home and began to write about his tales. In his writings he used his own accounts and tales he heard in his twenty years at sea. His descriptions of the life as a whaler were exceedingly accurate and detailed through the communication of his own fears and opinions of whale hunting. In 1851 Moby Dick was published in London as a recognition of the whaling industry.
In the year of 1860 in Scotland, J.M Barrie had been born. Barrie was not an only child since he had an older brother named David whom he adored. Not only did Barrie adore him but he was the family favorite. In 1867 a tragic accident happened where David was skating and had gotten into an ice skating accident. This accident had caused Barrie 's older brother David to die. Barrie’s mother was so distressed from the incident that she would never function the same ever again. The grief she felt
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