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On this essay I will be focusing on Lars Von Trier background and biography. I will then list some of his major contributions to the art work, and his most famous works of art. I will include some interesting facts that have influenced him throughout his life and which I thought were important for his development as a filmmaker. Finally I will conclude the essay with my personal opinion of his character and overall art work.
Von Trier was born in Copenhagen, Denmark in April 1956. He graduated from the Danish Film School in 1956, where he received his fist award for the “Best Film” for his short film “images of a relief”. After he graduated he also worked in collaboration with many other filmmakers, one of them known as Dogma 95 where
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There were also some other successful films created based on the same idea and theme called: All About Anna, Constance, Pink Prison and Flick HotMen CoolBoys. It is said by critics and other artist that all of the previous films were meant to emphasize on women beauty, but there was also the other side of the society who thought of this to be unnecessary and disrespectful.
Back in 2007 he was supposed to begin a horror movie that was already causing controversy called Antichrist. It postulated that the earth was created by Satan rather than God. However it was reported that in May 2007 he was suffering from depression and might cease film-making altogether. Unfortunately it is said by many sources including that he can easily be described as a hypochondriac and depressive person. Even though he has not been diagnosed yet, he would often convince himself that he has cancer and other dangerous diseases. He also has talk about his insanity and how he has long suffered from bipolar disease. Apparently all this mental problems have been going on since he was a little child, so it is definitely not something that has just arisen.
Nevertheless, Lars Von Trier was done remarkable work one of them known as Europa. This film is considered one of the most strange yet hunting films he's ever done. It is about a naïve American who decides to go to Germany right after WWII. His uncle works on the railroad and gets him, Leo, that is the name of the protagonist,

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