Biography : Marvin James

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APRIL 19, 2015

BIOGRAPHY: Marvin James
Born Chester, S.C. August 2, 1941 to Virginia Louvenia Stephens James and Neely James, Marvin had 4 siblings with one being older Ernest James and three younger Little William Pinnix, Bernice James William James, Maurice James who all lived in the same house. Attended the public schools of South Carolina, as a small child until teenage years growing up in the Jim Crow system of segregation which was a political socioeconomic law that was enforced to disenfranchise minorities especially targeting Black people with the goal being to completely force minorities into a helpless, dependent upon white society type of living rendering them(Minorities) helpless. Growing up as a Black teen in the Jim Crow system in South Carolina as Mr. Marvin James recalls was an interesting time both for young men who went into Military service and for those who left the south for Vietnam to come back to tell the horror stories of being in Vietnam and then coupled with being Black in Vietnam. Hearing these stories of war and glory coupled with dealing with racism while serving ones country prompted Marvin to join the Army not only to gain glory but to attempt to show the whites that Black people are dignified in service as well as whites. Marvin joined the Army at the age of 20 in 1961 where he took basic training at Ft. Jackson, S.C. And advanced military training at Ft.…
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