Biography Of Alexander John Greenslade And Lady Mary Capelle

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Alexander John Greenslade, Stepney, London, 1885. I was born to Lord John Greenslade and Lady Mary Capelle. In my early years, me and my kin took residency in Millbank road; walking distance from both the Palace of Westminster and Buckingham Palace.
We lived in a white bricked mansion: five stories tall; a small porters lodge just outside the front door; white and gold incrusted foyer centred around a carpeted marble staircase, a glittering chandelier hanging from The Creation of Adam on the ceiling. The lower few floors there were full with an extensively lavish state dining room, drawing rooms, art galleries, studies and libraries, all challenging the opulence of even Queen Victoria 's palaces. On the top floor, private apartments were
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A young mother and son, both dirty and worn, walked down the depressed street. As our carriage wheeled by, the boy and I managed to look at each other directly in the eyes. Just from the bloodshot brown eyes, I saw the worry of a hundred grown men thrown onto his shoulders.
"Why is everything here so awful?" I asked my father. Both my parents faced me, their heads held high.
"These people are not like us; they come of - unfortunate - bloodlines. Born into a poor family, and will stay that way until they die." They said, splitting up the sentences.
"That 's sad,"
"Listen; they are none of your concern. They live their lives, and we live ours." My mother snapped
"Enough of this somber talk, we are nearly at Hyde Park." Father chimed in.
We made our way out of the slums, returning to the vicinity of the palace. The horses drew us around Kensington Palace and the Russian embassy. Past Round Pond stood the Crystal Palace. A magnificent building, made almost wholly of glass, was erected by the river running through the park. Millions of 10 by 50 inch glass panes, all held together by iron reinforcements; reaching 170 feet high. Thousands of people surrounded the palace 's fountains and parks.
The carriage slowed to a halt outside of the transparent doors. The family strode into the emporium. An explosion of colour and noise

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