Biography Of Arthur Shawcross 's ' The ' First Victim ' Essay

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Arthur Shawcross had 13 victims: Jake Blake (10), Karen Ann Hill (8), Patricia Ives (25), Frances Brown (22) June Cicero (34), Darlene Trippi (32), Anne Marie Steffen (28), Dorothy Blackburn (27), Kimberly Logan (30), June Stotts (30), Marie Welch (22), Elizabeth Gibson (29), Dorothy Keller (59), Felicia Stephens (19) Most of his victims were women prostitutes. He would sexually abuse them and murder them by beating them and strangulation. In some cases, he ate the vagina and/or other parts of his victims. Shawcross’ first victim was Jake Blake. Blake was 10 at his death and he went missing for a period of time until finally his body was discovered after another Shawcross victim’s body was found. Blake was beaten to death and there were also signs of sexual abuse. He lured the victim into the woods where they would not be seen and he began his act. The second victim was an 8-year old Karen Ann Hill and her body was found underneath a bridge. Her body showed signs of sexual abuse and she was also suffocated by grass being stuffed in her mouth and nose. Shawcross came under suspicion when there were witness reports about seeing Hill and Shawcross sitting together, eating ice cream on the same bridge she was found under, dead. Shawcross, now in Watertown, New York, went on a murder spree that included the deaths of 11 prostitutes. The third victim was Dorothy Blackburn, a 27-year old drug addict and prostitute. Her body was found by Rochester, New York indicating that she
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