Biography Of Ashoke Ganguli 's Novel, The Namesake, By Jhumpa Lahiri

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Once an individual realizes that life is giving him a second chance, he transforms into a new breed of a man; there is an innovation of ideas that arise in him as he realizes that there is no correlation between being safe and staying alive. Ashoke Ganguli becomes a new man after miraculously surviving a train accident on his way to visit his recently blinded grandfather, who was awaiting for his grandchild to give him more books, his getaways from the real world. Moreover, the train accident became the defining moment of Ashoke Ganguli as his love for fiction books became nothing more than a former hobby. The train accident stirred the callow man’s dormant dreams, as he realized that his life is not secured. In Jhumpa Lahiri’s novel, The…show more content…
Only days after the train accident, Ashoke decided that he would stop reading books. The novel does not say why Ashoke decided to stop, but it can be inferred that it was due to the realization that he had about life and second chances. Lahiri does not mention when he started to read again, but when the novel begins, Ashoke is at the waiting room, reading the Boston Globe rather than a fiction book. This is a great change in terms of hobbies and the type of lifestyle that Ashoke now has. He is no longer reading about an American life, but he is actually living it himself. Judith Caesar argues that, “Ashoke alone seems to have found the balance among the various aspects of self that enable him to live comfortably in a foreign country” (4). Ashoke learned that he had to seek the lifestyle that he had wished for when he was just a kid, but he also knew that he loved his country, the culture, and most importantly, his family. Furthermore, Caesar states that it was not one thing or another, but simultaneity. Ashoke incorporated his own dreams into his lifestyle by reliving the stories by his favorite European authors. Nonetheless, he continued to show appreciation for his family and the Bengali culture by returning to India every year to visit his relatives and apprehend his former lifestyle. His world is not solely India, but America and

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