Biography Of Bernie Ebbers, The Founder Of Worldcom Essay

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Bernie Ebbers, the founder of WorldCom was highly ambitious and aggressive with an entrepreneurial nature. He demonstrated the transformational and charismatic leadership qualities that inspire people and cause them to be loyal followers. These people usually have singleness of purpose and are disciplined. Since most people have a desire to be led, Ebbers filled that need, coupled with the fact that he created tremendous wealth that many executives and employees benefited from. He was charming and charismatic as many respected leaders often are. Additionally, he invoked loyalty and a strong work ethic among his people. He was audacious and led his company into a dominate position in the telecom industry. People often live vicariously through a leader they look up to and admire (Trevino, 2009). It is well documented that leaders influence and shape their corporate culture (Trevino, 2009) and communicate ethical [or unethical] standards throughout their organization. This is reinforced by a system of rewards and punishments. By way of example, Ebbers had procured loans for executives so they could buy stock in WorldCom. This perquisite is an example of a reward that reinforces desired behavior. But he was ultimately accused of not providing real moral leadership when his company became involved in a fraudulent financial scandal. He disavowed any involvement and accepted no responsibility. This can be characterized as deviant behavior. It is interesting to note that since 2002

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