Biography Of Charles Darwin 's ' Descent Of Man '

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If Charles Darwin were right in his book Descent of Man, that Homo sapiens are monogenesis and we do share common ancestors with Hominoidea and Homininae, I must be an outlier.

Smilow Center for Translational Research, Philadelphia. 9th floor. Tissue Culture Room. My arms in pink lab coat stretched out into the hood, and my hands in blue sterilized gloves suspended in the air. In my left hand, I had a lidless 50 mL tube filled with red culture media between my index finger and my middle finger, and an empty 15 mL tube with lid on between my middle finger and ring finger. In my right hand, I held up a pipette gun, and in the 10 mL glass pipette beneath there were hepatic cells that I had been cultured for half a month. I never felt so desperate when I accidentally knocked over the only tube rack 10 seconds ago. And I was stuck. I tried to unscrew the empty tube with my little fingers but almost spilled the media. I wanted to put the pipette down somewhere but my baby cells would not appreciate to live with strange fungus or other contaminants for the rest of their life.


A drop of media suspended with hepatocyte cells dripped on the platform. My breath stopped for a second.

Plan C. I struggled to reach out for the rack with my little finger, balancing the red liquid in the lidless tube, and then successfully hooked on a hole. I pulled up my finger hard and fast, praying the inertia could lift the rack upright. It did! I quickly pipette down the cells into the tube
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