Biography Of Christopher Columbus And The Viking Leif Erikson Settled Land

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The history of America did not begin with the pilgrims landing at Plymouth in 1620, rather centuries before. In 1000 AD, the Viking Leif Erikson settled land in North America, and in the centuries to come Europeans dreamed of finding a route that would bring them to the fabled treasures of Asia. Christopher Columbus, an explorer from Italy, believed he had found such a western sea route to Asia in 1492, when in reality he had discovered North America. Europeans followed Spain’s lead to settle the New World after hearing of the riches and natural resources that the land brought. In the late 16th century, Queen Elizabeth I of England hired Sir Humphrey Gilbert and Sir Walter Raleigh to settle land for England. After several failed attempts,…show more content…
He picked this area after studying the first-hand accounts of French and Spanish explorers, such as Juan Pardo who found in the Carolinas fertile land and precious stones and metals. Sir Walter Raleigh after his research became confident after his research that he would be able to fulfill his promise to the queen. The two men who Raleigh sent to the New World were Captains Amadas and Simon Ferdinando. On July 4th of 1584, they reached the southern tip of the Outer Banks, which is off the coast of what is now North Carolina. The islands, which stretched some 120 miles, were claimed as England’s on the 13th. Amadas and Barlow spent five weeks in exploration and interaction with the Native Americans. They deemed in their report of findings that island of Roanoke would be ideal for a settlement because it had plenty of fish, game and vegetation, good soil, and was a secure location hidden from passing ships. In addition, the local Roanoac were friendly and established trade with them. The men sailed back to England with their glowing account, and Raleigh, thoroughly convinced and pleased, decided that he would name the land Virginia after the Queen. As a result, he was elevated to knighthood, and prepared for the next step in colonization. Although Amadas and Barlowe reported that the Roanoke “earth bringeth forth all things in abundance, as in

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