Biography Of De Palma Terrance And It Was A Facility That Has Been Providing Senior Care For Seniors

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Introduction/Purpose The facility I visited was called De Palma Terrance and it was located in Placentia, California. De Palma Terrance is a facility that has been providing senior care for seniors for over 25 years in Orange County. De Palma Terrance does offer senior living within the complex for those who desire it, but it is also a senior center where seniors around the community can freely visit and attend health classes. The class I attended is called Health/Wellness & Trivia and is part of the Older Adults Program (OAP). OAP is one of the programs that is under of the Lifeskills Education Advancement Program (LEAP), which is part of the North Orange County Community College District. The class was one hour long and was lead by…show more content…
The class consisted of mainly strength training, long periods of stretching and short cardio. It was essential that the activities was mainly concentrated on increasing leg strength and improving balance. Strengthen the bones will help build bone thickness and help lessen the danger of breaks/fractures. Balance, coordination and mobility will help older adults from falling. Older adults are at high risk of falling and this can cause serious injuries such as hip fractures, head traumas and even death. The class also helped older adults educate themselves on preventive strategies from falling as well.
Major Health Components Covered In Class The two major health components covered in this class was physical health and social health. Physical health “refers to the way that the body function.” This definitely consist of regular exercise. Since the class was mainly consisted of strength training exercises, it gave older adults strength and energy. This can play a major role in preventing some illnesses. Social health is the quality of one’s relationship with his/her friends and family. I feel like the instructor was also trying to get older adults to work together during the exercises. I saw older adults helping each other out when it came to stretching. This would be a good class for older adults to attend if they wanted to meet new people. The
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