Biography Of Edmund S. Morgan

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Edmund S. Morgan was a Sterling Professor of history at Yale University. He taught there from 1995 – 1986 specializing in American colonial history. Morgan, born on January 17, 1916, was taught by Perry Miller (who was his tutor) at Harvard University. Miller influenced him greatly and eventually became a lifelong friend. When he began studies at Harvard University, he was intending on studying English history and literature, he changed his mind once he took a class in American literature and changed his major to American civilization. His books covered many topics including the American Revolution, political ideas, slavery, family life, Puritanism, historiography, and several important people such as Benjamin Franklin. His books have received great notice for having a scholarly focus and having a unique writing style at appeals to the general audience. He died at the age of 97 from pneumonia in a hospital in New Haven, Connecticut.
In his book American Slavery, American Freedom, Edmund Morgan looked into "the American paradox, the marriage of slavery and freedom". This statement at the beginning of the book explains what his main subject of the book is:
"Human relations among us still suffer from the former enslavement of a large portion of our predecessors. The freedom of the free, the growth of freedom experienced in the American Revolution depended more than we like to admit on the enslavement of more than 20 percent of us at that time. How republican freedom came to be…
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