Biography Of Emil Kraepelin 's Theory Of Psychiatric Psychology

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Emil Kraepelin was a renowned psychiatrist who studied under Wilhelm Wundt.
He learned experimental methodology under his guidance and some of his works came directly from Wundtian psychology. This paper will discuss some of his greatest discoveries such as his establishment in clinical observation. As well as the importance that Emil Kraepelin had on the taxonomy of psychiatric disorders and how his idea for this came about. It will also review his findings on bipolar disorder and schizophrenia. Kraepelin also founded some ideas on what later on came to be known as Alzheimer’s disease.


Emil Kraepelin was a student under Wundt. Under Wundt Kraepelin worked enthusiastically under him where his talents and hard work became obvious to Wundt. He decided that in order to conduct the experiments needed for his reaserch he would have to work under Wundt at his experimental psychology lab (Steinberg & Himmerich 2013). Kraepelin wanted to know more information on the effects of drugs and alcohol on the psychological function. His curiosity only peaked as he continued to study in his field of expertise. Kraepelin also wanted to classify all of his work where anyone could understand and locate the information. One of Kraepelin’s greatest works was on infectious diseases and the onset of mental illness. He wanted to identify the differences in the basic mental process in mentally ill persons and mentally healthy persons.
In studying mental…

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