Biography Of Emma Lewry

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Biography Of Emma Lewry Have you ever wondered what it was like living eighty-eight years ago? I was. Eighty-eight years ago, 2002, my great grandmother was born. I wanted to know all about her and her life, so I interviewed her... Her name was Emma Josephine Tomes Lewry, now is Emma Baymoore after she was married. She was born on April 23, 2002, in Detroit, Michigan. She had two older sister, Four and six years apart from her. She also had two loving parents who had a strong relationship throughout her whole life. Emma was a strong, loyal, fun, and intelligent woman. Here we are now in 2090, and she is 88 years old. We will learn about everything from her yearly ages to college, and even after that. Emma grew up in Birmingham, a fairly large town in Michigan. Her father had grown up around there and her grandparents lived there. She had fun in the chilly weather, but could get sick of it sometimes. She also grew up in a fun, always exciting, house. Her older sisters always brought new surprises. She always remembered laying in bed, awake, waiting for her dad to come home from his work late, just so she could get a kiss. Soon after she turned four her mom got sick of the rainy, cloudy weather and started looking for a new place to live. Her mom grew up in Seattle, which always had rainy weather, so she was ready to move. They always had California in mind, because they visited Disney land so often, and decided to look there. Soon her parents bought a house and moved out

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