Che Guevara's Influence On Asthma

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Ernesto “Che” Guevara was born on June 14, 1928, in Rosario, Argentina. He came from a wealthy upper-class family but leftist ideas. Most of the family’s wealth came from an inheritance left to Ernesto’s mother. Most of that wealth was lost due to different business ventures that the family invested in. During this time the family moved to several areas of Argentina, eventually settling on a plantation in the jungle region of the country. Very quickly it became obvious to the family that Ernesto could no live in humid jungle conditions due to Ernesto’s severe asthma. Needing to live in a dryer climate due to Ernesto’s condition, the family moved to the city of Cordoba. Ernesto started high school in Cordoba and even though he suffered from severe asthma, he became a member of a rugby team. He was smart and seen by his peers both as thrill-seeker and a leader. Ernesto was a respectable student even though he regularly defied authority. He had aspirations to attend college to study engineering until his grandmother suffered a stroke and died several years later. Due to the emotional impact of these events he decided to become a doctor. He was accepted to Faculty of Medicine at the University of Buenos Aires. Ernesto was brilliant student who did extremely well in his studies. He worked hard during these years and eventually specialized in the scientific research for allergies, asthma, leprosy and nutritive theory. During this time Ernesto begins his travel to
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