Biography Of Garson Kanin And David Crane And Hands On A Hardbody Essay

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This past week, I had the opportunity to experience a magnificent play called Born Yesterday by Garson Kanin. This performance was the third of three plays I saw at the Arizona Repertory Theatre. The other two plays were Epic Proportions by Larry Coen and David Crane and Hands on a Hardbody by Doug Wright. These were the first plays I have been to, not only while attending the University of Arizona, but in my generation as a teenager. All together, these performances were amazing and have brought a newly improved insight to my perception of theatre. The hard work and dedication by the actors, directors, producers, cast members, and sound developers were absolutely incredible and I have tremendous respect for their efforts during the overall sequence of producing the plays. The most recent performance I saw, Born Yesterday, can be described and reflected on through various topics such as lighting, sound, directing and producing. I decided to arrive a half hour early to witness all the elements of the stage, audience, and theater in order to truly express my thoughts on the external features of the play. The Marroney theatre has 332 seats which were designed like movie theatre chairs. They were manufactured to be a bold red with black carpet surrounding the floor to cover the entire theatre space. For the first thirty minutes before Born Yesterday started, the theatre played classical music to soothe the ears of the audience and create a bridge to a rather quiet prolonged

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