Biography Of George Nelson Mandela And Bill Gates And Abraham Lincoln

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Introduction to a Great Leader When assigned the task of identifying an individual who I believe embodies what it means to be a great leader, well-known figures such as Martin Luther King, Jr., Mother Teresa, Winston Churchill, Nelson Mandela, Bill Gates and Abraham Lincoln initially come my mind. The impact of their distinct leadership styles continues to inspire people around the globe and has earned each of them undisputed leadership recognition. However, in the quiet shadows of these great leaders arises the name of another leader whose leadership influence has tremendously impacted my life over the span of twenty-two years and counting. The nature of this leader’s work consists of being a homemaker, minister’s wife, ladies’ auxiliary…show more content…
“Character appears to be caught as well as taught. We often learn what it means to be virtuous by observing and imitating exemplary leaders,” according to Craig E. Johnson (2018) in his book titled Meeting The Ethical Challenges of Leadership. I began to observe Mrs. Hall’s every move, how she handled situations and treated people Leadership Characteristics Whether a leader is considered great or evil, both types are known for the quality of their character, leadership style and skills they possess. Mrs. Hall’s leadership style can be categorized as servant leadership, where she continuously puts the needs of the community she serves before her own (as cited in Johnson, 2018, p. 249). Her leadership style is accompanied by the following leadership characteristics: wisdom, courage, integrity, humility, perseverance, encouragement, discernment, foresight, excellence, and altruism amongst others. Further, her leadership skills encompass the following abilities I have observed, but are certainly not limited to growing people, building community, planning strategically, imparting vision and managing people, conflict and resources. Just one encounter with Mrs. Hall leaves people feeling uplifted and loved, she has the ability to make everyone feel genuinely unique and special with her strong skills in
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